Episode 2: How does it all work?

In this episode, Jeff and Sarah talk about how the individual Jeff Berlin Bass Education packages work, debate where the packages might take you in your own musical "applications" (yes, debate!), get into what Jeff as a bass teacher can contribute to your learning process, and provide some details about what's coming up (Jeff's Office Hours!). Thanks so much to all of you who listened to our first podcast and have come back for more! You're why we're doing this and we appreciate your support! 

Episode 1: Welcome to our first Jeff Berlin Bass Education podcast!

Jeff and Sarah talk about life, the universe, and Jeff Berlin Bass Education. We've just released the first four packages for Jeff's bass course and are finishing up the final one (Approach Notes) for a December 1 delivery. We talk here about Jeff's design for the bass course, what you can expect as you work your way through it, and how his course is different - but not different. We hope you enjoy it!