Joe Frazier - 30th Anniversary Edition Collector's Package

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Final_Joe Frazier_20.jpg

Joe Frazier - 30th Anniversary Edition Collector's Package


This collector's dream includes:

1) a signed 180g audiophile 12" vinyl EP with a newly remastered version of the original ("Joe Frazier - Round 2") and a completely re-imagined version ("Joe Frazier - Round 3") written and performed by Jeff and an all-star group: Steve Vai (guitar), Keith Carlock (drums), David Sancious (keys), and Tom Hemby (rhythm guitar)

2) A signed CD of both songs, and

3) a signed and dated print of the full score for "Joe Frazier - Round 3"

All of Jeff's signatures will be original!

$39.95 + shipping and handling. International shipping available (buyer responsible for all VAT or GST taxes; please let us know if your country is not on our current shipping list)

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"Got your new version of Joe Frazier which, on a first hearing, sounds even more hair-raising than the original!" - Bill Bruford

"Joe Frazier Round 3 is amazing. I couldn't believe what I was hearing!" - Dennis Chambers

“But, at the end of the day, it all comes down to this: staggeringly virtuosic instrumental acumen and an impressive compositional mindset, taking already sophisticated ideas and, with an ear to greater expansion, rendering them even more refined, more detailed and more labyrinthine in their innate complexities. All this while, at the same time, grooving like a mo’fo.’” – John Kelman, All About Jazz (June 6, 2018)