Jeff Berlin Bass Education: Various Scales (Package 3)


Jeff Berlin Bass Education: Various Scales (Package 3)


Package 3 contains 14 lessons with 5 études based upon various scale types: Major 7 (#11), C Minor 7 Dorian, C Minor 7 Phrygian, C Minor 7 Aeolian, C Minor Major 7, C Harmonic Minor, C Minor 7 b5 (9), C Minor 7 (b5) Locrian, C 7 Mixolydian, C7 (#11), C7 Altered (with Enharmonic Note Changes), Diminished (Whole Step-Half Step) with Enharmonic Note Changes (2 lessons), and C Major 7 (#5). Lesson demonstrations of an etude drawn from each lesson will also be available for review and download on Vimeo, and are included as part of the package. The charts will be automatically available to you once you complete your purchase.

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